OT: Araucaria talk (Mark BROWN)

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> Date: Sun,  6 Apr 2008 09:56:33 +0200 (CEST)
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> Do you have any more details of this species?I know
> of the conifer ,Parasitaxis which grows on
> Podophyllum species...

hi mark,

my memory could be a bit faulty.  i just remembered
seeing a pic of this tree growing in a lake in NC from
a book by sherwin carlquist, many years ago.  i'll
have to dig up that book again.  is there a website
that lists all the flora of new caledonia?  it might
be listed there.  i find NC an amazing botanical
paradise, i'd love to visit one day.  as many of you
know, Gesneriaceae are one of my interests, and NC is
one of the only places where Gesn. trees exist.  very bizarre.

tsuh yang

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