An everlasting Zinnia

Jim McKenney
Mon, 11 Aug 2008 13:59:52 PDT
Linda Foulis asked " Can you point me in the right
direction to find these cold hardy zinnias?"

I figured that would get a response from someone!

Yes, I'll be glad to point you, but it won't be to the zinnias you're
looking for. 

The plant I'm talking about is Zinnia grandiflora, and it's given a USDA
zone 4 rating by High Country Gardens. It's native as far north as some cold
parts of Colorado. It's a perennial, and is probably not suited to garden
culture over in areas with wet summers. Zinnia grandiflora is not your
typical cut-flower annual zinnia.

I think the name if pretty funny because the term "grandiflora" is seed
catalog jargon for "latest and greatest" "biggest and best" and so on. 

The wild Zinnia grandiflora does not look at all like a garden zinnia
(unless your idea of a garden zinnia is the small Z. angustifolia sorts).
It's a small yellow-orange daisy flower. But it is a hardy perennial, at
least in dry zones. 

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