James Waddick
Wed, 06 Aug 2008 12:13:26 PDT
Dear Friends,
	I was gone for week to visit  Atlanta and much impressed by 
the streets lined with a variety of crepe myrtles. What a show!
	Surprised on returning home at the number and variety of 
Crinum still blooming and blooming for the first time.

	Super Ellen is on its third stalk and still dazzling.
	Crinum x powellii are mostly done except for selection 
including 'Nestor's Pink'. 'Cecil Houdyshel" and one labelled from 
Les Hannibal. This last Crinum has not bloomed before. I think it was 
passed along after Les' garden was dug and bulbs distributed. The 
flowers are a pale pink and the most fragrant hardy crinum as I 
reported before. I thought it was an x powellii type, but now that 
the flowers have faded, there are seeds  forming. Sort of a surprise 
since this should be nearly totally sterile.

	Even C. scabrum is putting up a new stalk and a few x 
powellii, but minor.

	These crinum continue to impress me with their sturdiness, 
hardiness and vigor. A shame they are not seen more in gardens around 

			Best		Jim W.
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