Sternbergia lutea

Jim McKenney
Mon, 18 Aug 2008 07:40:38 PDT
I was visiting in western Virginia last weekend; a friend and I had been
discussing how fast this summer seems to be passing. And just then I noticed
two or three Sternbergia lutea in bloom. I’ve been watching this planting
for years and have never noticed such early bloom. These are two or three
weeks earlier than usual. In the same town, there is a relatively massive
planting (maybe 4’ x 25’) of this Sternbergia, but no blooms are evident yet
in that group.

There is so far no sign of bloom among the plants in the home garden. 

Nor do I see any signs of new growth above ground among the Nerine,
Amaryllis belladonna or tender Lycoris in the cold frame. 

On the other hand, Rhodophiala bifida in the same cold frame has a spathe up
at ground level.   

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, 39.03871º North, 77.09829º West, USDA zone
7, where Cardiocrinum cordatum is developing a nice seed pod. 
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