"The Bulb Garden"

Uli Urban johannes-ulrich-urban@T-Online.de
Thu, 07 Aug 2008 14:44:00 PDT
Dear All,

Not having contributed for a long time in this list does not mean I
retired from bulbs..... on the contrary. I am dead-busy to at last get
the garden and house  finished after some major changes, tired of
"pioneer works" I really do understand that this might also mean we have
a new President....
So "The Bulb Garden" came as a nice break and I must say thank you to
all the contributors. It is so well written and so full of unusual and
never-heard-before information. I have always been fond of Alstroemerias
but was not sucessful with them except a weedy A.aurea but this one
succumbed to the building activities in the garden....... I will for
sure come back to these plants once everything is settled here.
The article on Wave Hill Garden made me feel like hopping into a plane
to have a look myself...... America with its warmer summers for sure has
things to offer garden wise which I have never seen as yet......
Also very useful to know at last how to distinguish Cyclamen
hederifolium and C. graecum, honestly I always thought it is the same
species because I cannot see any difference between two flowering
plants. I grow both so next time I will watch out where exactly the
fruit stalk curls. Also very useful to read which Cyclamen grows on
which soil, this might explain some failure......
It is an interesting solution to that terrible space problem just to buy
twenty extra acres...... but can you guys let us all know how you solve
the TIME-problem?

Thank you all very much!    Uli from Germany                    35°C
here today with heavy thunderstorms and heave rain

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