Lycoris radiata ssp

James Waddick
Mon, 18 Aug 2008 11:15:48 PDT
Dear Carolo and all,
	There are two subspecies of Lycoris radiata.

	 L. radiata ssp radiata is far more common and widely grown. 
The plants is larger in all parts that the second ssp L. r. pumila 
(as the name suggests), the plants are hardier and most notably 
totally sterile. It is a triploid.  They multiply prodigiously by 
bulb division. It is wide spread in the wild and in cultivation. It 
prefers damp to wet spots such as the edges of rice paddies in China 
and Japan and swamp and stream edges elsewhere.

	On the other hand L. radiata ssp pumila is overall smaller, 
more tender by a Zone or 2 and they routinely produce fertile pea 
size seed.  This ssp. is a bit fussier to grow due to its more tender 
constitution, some lack of vigor and smaller size.
This ssp is confined in the wild to SW to SE China (approx.)  also in 
damp shady spots. It hybridizes readily with various other Lycoris 
species and produces some lovely hybrids passing its red color to F1 

	Both usually bloom around Sept and Oct. It is among the last 
to bloom here (in years when winters are mild enough and  it actually 
blooms). Could your Lycoris blooming now be some other species? Send 
me a picture and I might be able to make a guess.

		Best		Jim W.
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