washed river sand

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Dear Karla,

Mine is not a scientific solution, and you are, but I've tried all of the
commercial products that I could find here in SE PA, and the best thing I've
found is sand that collects in the "sand bars" in the little meandering
stream near me. It is a mixture of particle sizes, and the larger ones seem
to be on top of the piles. If I want it to be particularly coarse (is that a
pun?), I sift it through window screen and save the stuff that doesn't pass
through. I assume that you could do the same thing with river sand (maybe
not sand from the East River!)


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I am propagating my own SA bulb seeds this fall. Could someone suggest
the grade or particle size that has worked the best for them? I am
having trouble finding "river sand" and the industrial sand comes in
different sizes.

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