Scilla peruviana and searching the archives

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 08 Aug 2008 08:12:47 PDT
Dear Patrick,

We have discussed Scilla peruviana in the past a number of times as people 
have written with the same question that you have. It has a reputation for 
skipping seasons of bloom. This has been true in my garden, but apparently 
is not true for everyone. I think in one spot of my garden it just got too 
shady. Some people have suggested that it needs a dry period in summer to 
do well. It gets that in my garden but still does not bloom every year. 
Here was another suggestion from the past:…

By the way for all those of you who are new to our list and for those of 
you who have forgotten the formula for searching the archives in Google is 
found on the Pacific Bulb Society web site. It is:
+[pbs] [search terms] site:///

Google indexes all the posts from ibiblio lists. Unfortunately you can't 
search from the archives for them, but you can search from Google. In the 
Google box put in the formula above and substitute whatever you want to 
find for "search terms". You may get previous and next posts in the list of 
messages you get, but you will also get the most relevant posts. In this 
case you would put the following in the google search box if you wanted to 
find previous posts about Scilla peruviana:
+[pbs] [Scilla peruviana] site:///

Mary Sue

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