: Narcissus 'Telemonius Plenus'

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" A couple seem to refer to it as a synonym for 'Van Sion'. Couldn't 
find a picture of it, but didn't look particularly hard. Sounds nice though."

Yes you are quite right.This form of Narcissus pseudonarcissus obvallaris probably and has been grown for centuries.I saw it even in W. Turkey high up in the mountains growing in old cemetaries and various gardens.It is indestructable practically.It has been grown in Normandy for a good many years too probably.It is quite a plastic cultivar ,sometimes people think that they have found something new but the next year it reverts usually back to it's old muddled self.But just occasionally the mutation is stable.I know of at least five relatively distinct clones.Some maybe mutants of N.p.obvallaris it'self as is the cultivar known variously as Thomas' Virescent or the Derwydd Daffodill.This is a wild mutation which occurs in Wales,UK.Another one comes from Cornwall.One form of 'Telemonious Plenus' that is fun to try if you can still get it is 'Green Star' at it's best a perfect green star shaped flower.
I must say that I feel hard to imagine august daffodils!The first Cyclamen hederifolium album started ten days or so ago.Otherwise Lilium willmottianum is in full glory and the ravishing Dahlia 'Ragged Robin' a Dahlia sherfii hybrid and the D.coccinea hybrid D.'Amber' which is perfectly hardy here although rodents just love it's tubers!

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