Lycoris report - 1

Kelly Irvin
Fri, 08 Aug 2008 16:27:05 PDT
Hey, hey, HEY, JW! Well, I don't think we got as much rain as it 
appeared you did as I followed the radar, but we got a fair soaking 
yesterday. Today, my L. squamigera are coming up like gangbusters. I see 
a handful more of L. longituba, too, but no additional activity from the 
L. sanguinea and L. sprengeri, and I've had nothing whatsoever from my 
L. chinensis. I hope to see further "surprises" this weekend.

You should go out a poke around if you haven't already, Jim. I'm sure 
you will see new activity from L. squamigera.

Mr. Kelly M. Irvin
10850 Hodge Ln
Gravette, AR 72736
USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 6a/b

James Waddick wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> 	With all the reports about Lycoris blooming - it is the season.
> 	Just starting here too with L. squamigera leading the pack. 
> We had a lot of rain this spring - way over the average and I think 
> this has bulked up the bulbs as we are getting multiple stems per 
> bulb and very tall stalks.
> 	I have a few L. longituba just starting up and the tallest 
> stalk has topped out just prior to bloom at 40 inches to the base of 
> the inflorescence. Add 4-5 inches to the peak. This is exception, but 
> a number of other stalks are easily 36 inches, also very tall.
> 	After a week and 1/2 of no rain, there's a big rain  storm 
> predicted for tonight. So I expect to see a flurry of activity in a 
> week or less. So far there's bloom or stalks on L . squamigera, 
> longituba. sprengeri, L. chinensis and some hybrids. Usually L. 
> sanguinea is the first to show, but no sign yet. It was badly hurt in 
> April '07 late killer freezes so may still be set back.
> 	Incidentally, Diana, Lycoris are very poor bloomers in pots. 
> I feel lucky to get a single bloom per pot. A friend on the East 
> Coast has better bloom, but they have a lot more rain and I assume 
> this makes all the difference. They can take / appreciate a LOT of 
> water in spring maybe even sitting in water as I have seen in the 
> wild in China for a couple species.
> 	Last year's freeze damaged all Lycoris foliage very badly and 
> this year we had no damages and lots of rain, but buds are formed in 
> the previous fall as I recall so they might still be light due to 
> last year's damages. I'll report more in 'part 2'
> 	Meanwhile enjoying the show. 		Jim W.

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