Lycoris report - 2

James Waddick
Fri, 29 Aug 2008 07:44:40 PDT
>Things are a little different for me here.

Dear Kelly,
	As (relatively) close as you are to me, I am surprised that 
your bloom sequence is quite so different.

	The fall foliage types do not do very well here as we are 
cold enough to cause lots of winter damage, L. radiata is among the 
most reliable for me, but it won't bloom until late Sept or early Oct.

>Lycoris in pots, with the L. shaanxiensis
>from Chen Yi coming up first as usual. It's spider lily bloom is the
>whitest bloom I've seen so far on Lycoris, and, no, I don't think it is
>really L. shaanxiensis, as it does not match the scientific

	I don't know if Chen Yi has ever sent a correctly ID ed 
Lycoris. The true shaanxiensis has has white flowers, but it is not 
especially spidery and the stamens do NOT protrude from the corolla. 
The ones I have seen from her  have long protruding stamens and 
spidery ruffled petals. She also sells things like "pink' aurea (no 
such thing) etc.

	Right now L. caldwellii has become the star of the garden. I 
counted one big clump with almost 50 flower stalks coming up. Should 
be show this weekend.

	One thing I failed to mention in earlier posts is that 
Lycoris make surprisingly good cut flowers. Cut stems at their base, 
then cut to fit the vase. They will last much longer indoors, than 
out. The only problem is that the base of the stems split and then 
curls up. In China they are sold as cut flowers.

	And they still keep coming.

			Best		Jim W.
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