Schizobasis intricata
Wed, 20 Aug 2008 04:29:00 PDT
Schizobasis intricata is a favorite of mine...and even after sharing seed with friends, I've got some available. Interested parties can email privately (until the supply runs out...).


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-- James Waddick <> wrote:
>What a coincidence, there was a nice Schizobasis intricatus in *our*
>cactus and succulent show this past weekend,

Dear Roy, and all.
	Coincidence indeed. A shared obsession. Please collect a few 
seeds for the SeedEx , seedling bulbs or other.

	And my address is always given at the end of my emails (hint).

	A web search indicated 5 species*, but not much detail on 
most.  Seems like S. intricata is the most commonly seen. Same with 
Boweia- a number of species, but B. volubilis the most common.

	I was surprised to see a range of 'bulbous' plants appear in 
the succulent sections including Gethyllis, Scilla, Begonia and quite 
a few others. Hard to quite make a distinction when cauduciform 
plants are grown so that underground parts that are 'normally' hidden 
are exposed and appear bulbous.

		Thanks to all.		Jim W.


	has pictures of 4 species.
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