DNA of Scilla peruviana

Paul T. ptyerman@ozemail.com.au
Tue, 12 Aug 2008 15:58:42 PDT
>Brodiaea howellii (which has some other name now) occurs only at one site on
>Vancouver Island, according to my botanical friends. I collected a few tiny
>bulbs from that site many years ago and (foolishly, as it happened) planted
>them in a raised bulb bed.
>Over the years, very few flower stems have formed, none have set seed, but
>underground the soil is filled for several feet in all directions 
>with offsets
>formed at the ends of stolons or rhizomes.
>No DNA analysis to confirm my suspicion, but the behavior strongly suggests
>I've got a sterile triploid form.


One of the Scilla peruviana (var harrisiana I think?) produces offset 
bulbils all along the roots, unlike the other varieties I have 
seen.  It flowers too, just as well as the straight species, but it 
is never going into the ground for me because it would become a weed 
pretty quickly here I'd imagine.


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