Fritillaria imperialis again

Robin Bell
Thu, 28 Aug 2008 10:19:02 PDT
Well, Jim, here's one report of F. imperialis to the east of you. 
I've had the yellow form in my garden for perhaps 10 - 12 years, 
maybe more, don't remember. They don't even get a full days sun & 
they increase slowly every year. Until last Fall? maybe the one 
before, I had never disturbed the clump & the ones I moved seemed to 
do fine. Every other batch of F imperialis I've tried has lasted a 
year or three & then disappeared. I don't bother anymore to order any 
outsiders as I'm nervous about possible viruses etc. Hope I haven't 
jinxed myself now.

	Robin Bell
	Zone 5, Ithaca, NY

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