Sinningia seeds

Joyce Miller
Sun, 24 Aug 2008 19:12:18 PDT
Dear All and Mr. Tsuh,
Some time ago we were asked for germination data on Sinningia seeds.  I had 
held some of my seeds back because the first few pots became overgrown with 
moss before I could see any germinations.
&/31 and 8/1 I sowed 2 pots of S. iarae and 2 of S. globosa.  Each pot had 
at least one germination by 8/15 and no moss.  I used the old pot in plastic 
bag and had them in the house.  Wonder of wonders.
Best wishes, Joyce Miller, Gresham, Oregon USDA 8.
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> Hello PBS people,
> I haven't been very active on this group... it seems that I have to wait 
> until my annual August vacation (all of August, 4-weeks, yippee!) before I 
> have time to do extracurricular activities.
> I just updated the PBS wiki page with images of Manfreda virginica in 
> flower.  Along the upper reaches of a 6' stalk are interesting rather than 
> beautiful flowers, but they are not without their own charm.  A surprising 
> aspect is that the tiny whitish three-lobed tube at the center of each 
> stamen-esque floral construction are rather fragrant.  The brownish 
> shading to yellowish-green oversized stamens and anthers are interesting 
> upon close viewing.
> I have added 4 images, taken between thunderstorms and downpours which 
> seem to occur multiple times daily this summer.
> I grow this plant on a raised enbankment that is rather dry, getting 
> afternoon sun.  Thanks Aaron!
> Mark McDonough
> Massachusetts, near the New Hampshire border, USDA Zone 5
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