Impatiens grandis and lost email message
Mon, 25 Aug 2008 19:18:40 PDT
I also have I grandis, but have not seen flowers on mine, it seems to  
require short days/long nights to flower.  I once saw it in bloom in a  greenhouse 
at the NYBG, it is quite pretty.  It is easy from cuttings and  the foliage is 
quite glossy but it won't flower in summer, at least in my  experience.  Since 
I keep plants indoors under lights for the winter, it  doesn't get the 
required long nights, thus no flowers.  Outdoors in favored  climates or in 
greenhouses or rooms where lights never come on at night during  the winter, it would 
make a nice show. 
Ernie  (_pelarg@aol.com_ ( ) Z6/7  Tuckahoe NY where 
Crocosmia aurea is putting on a nice show
PS I got an email in my aol spam folder a few days ago, it had something in  
the subject line about re namchabarwensis post, but I inadvertently deleted it 
 with other contents before I realized it wasn't a spam message.  I did not  
see if it was addressed to me personally or to the group, so if someone sent 
me  an email of such nature, please resend it. 
In a message dated 8/25/2008 4:44:53 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Well, I  hope mine starts seeding around soon! A broken stem stuck into moist 
 mulch/humus appears to be thriving. The first few flowers, crossed with  
capensis, glandulifera, and balsamina, don't appear to do  anything.

Very OT for a bulb group, but if you want to see a nice  Impatiens that 
warrants inclusion into our discussions of tinctoria and  flanagae, see grandis 
from India. It is threatened in the wild.

What I  hope for in breeding Impatiens is the vigor of reseeding hybrids (in 
my  climate) with capensis and/or balsamina in their background and exotic 
larger  flowered blood  included.

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