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>Subject: Establishing taxa as "present"
>Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 17:20:37 -0400
>To the members of IHSEA -
>Once the latest standard from NAPPO (RSPM No. 32) is published in October, 
>it will require that the participating countries of Canada, Mexico, and 
>the United States establish a screening process for all new plant taxa, 
>which will effectively act as an import barrier into those countries.
>Eventually, this RSPM will be the basis of a similar international 
>standard, under the IPPC and will affect all countries (or at least those 
>that are signatories to the IPPC, close to 200 nations).
>The standard demands that countries enact new regulations/legislation 
>requiring screening on all future introductions for potential 
>invasiveness. The screening process would be a form of Weed Risk 
>Assessment which would have to be completed on any taxon that is not 
>already present in the country before it will be permitted to enter (be 
>If horticultural societies are to continue to operate seed exchanges, they 
>must be capable of importing seeds from donors in other countries, as well 
>as distributing their seeds to members in other countries.  Therefore, it 
>is crucial that we make certain that each country has the largest possible 
>database of plants as already existing within its borders. Every 
>specialist plant society must work to see that all its taxa are considered 
>to be "already present" in its own, and possibly other, 
>countries.  National governmental plant protection organizations (like 
>APHIS in the US, DEFRA in the UK, CFIA in Canada.....) must be persuaded 
>that although these plants are not present in commercial Big Box 
>quantities, they are being grown in both private and public gardens and 
>offered by the endless array of small specialist nurseries.
>(Handling the proposed screening of new items will be another problem, for 
>another day)
>In the United States, a new project to write a comprehensive "Flora of 
>Cultivated Plants" is beginning, headed by Dr. Tom Elias, Director of the 
>National Arboretum.  Fortunately, he sees the point of including plants 
>listed in seed exchanges. He is interested in the seed database that NARGS 
>currently operates, and my guess is that he would also include the taxa 
>from other organizations' databases, so that as many genera could be 
>covered in as great a depth as possible.
>-> If other US-based societies would be interested in having the plants in 
>their seed exchange databases included in the Flora, please contact me.
>My personal feeling is also that, since so many societies based in other 
>countries have US members, there is a fair chance that the taxa listed in 
>their exchanges have made their way into US gardens and nurseries. 
>Therefore, taxa listed on almost any seedlist should be considered as 
>being cultivated in the US.
>-> If I can move the Flora's committee to this way of thinking about the 
>globalness of horticulture, would other societies, in other countries 
>(especially Canada and the UK), be interested in having their databases 
>I am on the contact list for this project and will attend its next meeting 
>(not yet scheduled).  It would ultimately be helpful to everyone if I can 
>take a complete record of ALL the plants that we  assume are being grown 
>in the US.....from all sources.  Let me hear your thoughts on this 
>issue.  Please contact me with questions - and, especially offers - either 
>through this list or privately.
>Thank you -
>Joyce Fingerut
>Government Liaison,
>North American Rock Garden Society
>Member organization:
>International Horticultural Seed Exchange Advocacy (IHSEA)

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