Sternbergia lutea
Mon, 18 Aug 2008 08:51:54 PDT
It came to me as simply Lycoris radiata. I have not keyed it out beyond that (I'll be lucky to photograph it before it's finished...maybe in the next couple of days). 

It's in the open ground in two similar in the rock garden, the other on an exposed ridgetop in native soil--both get full sun and bake. It came up in the garden first, but will soon be in bloom in both locations.

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-- "Jim McKenney" <> wrote:
Carlo wrote: "Lycoris radiata is blooming here with more coming."

Carlo, which form of Lycoris radiata do you have? I don't think the forms I
grow have ever bloomed this early - I think of it as an autumnal plant. 

Are your plants in the garden or in pots? 

Jim McKenney

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