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Hi David,

The intergeneric cross between Hippeastrum and Amaryllis has been attempted many times in the past 2 centuries without any apparent success. 
While these genera have the same basic Chromosome count 2N= 22,  I've read a couple of papers comparing the DNA of Hippeastrum species with Amaryllis belladonna where it is reported that  there are significant differences in the total chromosome volume and nuclear DNA with  A.?belladonna having significantly  larger DNA content and possesses a karyotype different from that of Hippeastrum spp.
The two genera are similar in general vegetative and floral morphology, but they have important differences in the internal anatomy of leaves, bulbs, and roots and  also some significant karyological differences between the two genera. There is probably more hope in crossing Hippeastrums with Crinums for most Crinum  species also have the chromosome count of 2N = 22. 


Jim Lykos

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  Hi All,

  well, "Naked Lady" season has come again to Sacramento; Amaryllis
  belladonnas blooming everywhere like road-side weeds.

  My Hippeastrum 'Exotica' just sent up its last scape of the year, so I
  thought I would try an intergeneric cross using the 'Exotica' as the
  seed-parent and an A.belladonna as a pollen-parent.

  The ovaries of the 'Exotica' look like they're starting to swell...so maybe
  the cross took.

   Has anyone tried this crossing before?

  I read that the name of an intergeneric cross should be a conjunction of the
  whole or part of one name combined with the whole or part of the
  other...maybe combined with a connecting vowel.

  What is the given name of this intergeneric cross..."Hippearyllis"?

   Has anyone grown/seen a "Hippearyllis"?

  I'd be curious to know.

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