Impatiens tinctoria
Wed, 20 Aug 2008 10:52:21 PDT
Whew, what a great deal of interest this evoked and expertise (not like my Eulophia query)! Thanks to all. Took me a while just to catch up on my reading.
I will try I.t. again from Annies Annuals soon (unless someone has a spare tuber they can send me?). Meanwhile my I. namchab**** from the same source blooms a beautiful crystalline blue in the shade outdoors despite the heat. The little lanterns have also been taking some sun lately despite the heat here in coastal New Jersey. I. arguta and the alba and wine-red forms of glandulifera from Annie's have melted for me but omiensis from Plant Delights is springing back up from the roots. These are all new this year. I also went to Atlock Farms here in NJ and purchased a mature glandulifera, albeit just a regular pink colored form, to replace the plantlets from Annie's lost to me. 
Balsam impatiens have long reseeded in my yard annually. Thank G*d they've lost their hideous double flowers and the intricate orchid-like Impatiens flower structure is more apparent. Impatiens capensis (Jewel-weed, touch-me-not) is quite abundant locally in moist woodland and waste places with orange spotted butter yellow lanterns on plants that mature at 3 - 6 feet (just under 2 meters). have collected in the cooler north NJ highlands a more petite and gracile variety of capensis which seldom grows over 1 meter but has brilliant concolor (solid) mandarin-orange flowers. New Guinea Impatiens are banned from my garden.
Now for the good part. Glandulifera, namchabwhatever, capensis, and balsam, have all traded pollen due to my intercessions. This is recent so I have yet to see seed pods developing. I will keep you posted.

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