Lilium formosanum

James Waddick
Thu, 21 Aug 2008 09:05:49 PDT
>  I have not seen the JC Raulston stock (mentioned by Jim
>Waddick in starting this thread)  in flower, but have seen its towering
>capsules in winter and thought it was magnificent even then.

Dear John,

	Me too. Since I collected seed they were past flowering, but 
my imagination inspired me and they have lived up to their potential.

	Iain, I wasn't at all familiar with the ssp microphyllum. 
Seems like the sort of plant that should be in cultivation... Keep us 
posted of your luck. Maybe Tony can look out for it while he's in 

	I have to admit an aversion to L. formosanum pricei. When I 
have seen this plant its inordinately short stature combined with 
huge trumpet flowers seemed totally out of proportion: a travesty. 
And as I recall var. pricei has only one or two flowers per stem 
giving an all too short a bloom.

	I suppose one 'good side' of living in a hellishly hot 
climate is that viruses seem less pronounced here. I have never  seen 
the tell-tale streaking of virus on my plants, here. The warm days 
AND nights (summer nights "cool" to 80 degrees F and sometimes higher 
!) seem to suppress virus activity. So if the gardener can survive 
the temps, the lilies thrive.

	Glad to get so many good words on this underrated and less known lily.

		Thanks to all for the input.		Jim W.
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