Narcissus Fly: When is it safe?

Roy Herold
Wed, 06 Aug 2008 14:03:54 PDT
I had a terrible time with narcissus fly getting into my pots of 
cyrtanthus when they were outside last summer (2007), so this year I put 
them in a coldframe covered with a screen (window type). Thinking that 
the danger of fly infestation was passed, I took the screen off a couple 
of weeks ago, mainly because flower scapes were running into it.

Did I take it off too soon? Or could I have removed it much earlier, and 
if so, when?

The cyrtanthus really seem to have thrived in the screened environment, 
irrespective of whether it kept the flies off. It gave a little extra 
shade, and a bit of protection from the incessant thunderstorms we have 
been having this summer. Lots of bloom, even on the 'difficult' C. tuckii.

Northwest of Boston
8" of rain in July!!

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