summer water for Brunsvigia josephinae?

Sat, 30 Aug 2008 09:49:31 PDT
GREAT information, Jim!
Thank you very much.  Perhaps I will only try to pollinate my largest bulb this year, or ... maybe just one or two flowers on the newer blooming bulbs!?!  I am hoping to get at least some seed. 
Your comment about possible lack of bloom following a year of seed set was especially interesting.  I had that experience with my B.litoralis, which bloomed in 2005, set from 4-13 seeds on each of its 12 florets.  The following year, no bloom ... but I repeated similar bloom and seed set last (2007) year as in 2005.  Of course, there could have been other factors too.  
Do you think irrigation during seed formation may help offset some of the stress on the bulb?  Also, do you fertilize?  Another California grower indicated he had 5 blooms on his plants this year after applying ash last winter during the growth cycle.  His bulbs are in pots, though.
here's a link to a photo I shot this morning of mine, now with two open flowers:…
Thanks again!
San Diego, California

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My experience in flowering  Brunsvigia josephinea is that flower count will
decline progressively if you set seed each year.  The high flower counts arise
from a couple of years of rest as a seed parent.  The highest flower count in
the mature  josephinea I've grow is 60. This is also directly related to the
number of leaves that the bulb supported in the previous season. This year my
mature B. josephinea has 14 large leaves and I'm anticipating a large flower
count in  February 2009.  
However if you  harvest  seed from every flower then you can expect the  flower
count in the following year  to be as low as 25, or no flowering at all and a
significantly lower leaf count.
Self pollinated seed set is  a factor of the overall level of plant vigor  - ie
the higher the flower count the more likely it is that the B. josephinea will
set seed from a selfing.  Below 30 flowers  I've been unable to set any seed
from self pollination whereas a  josephinea with 50 flowers will produce almost
optimal selfing seed set - and there is a gradient in between these levels.  

Good growing

Jim Lykos
Blue Mountains Sydney

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