Impatiens tinctoria
Mon, 18 Aug 2008 13:48:00 PDT
Since I live in NY, my limited experience with I. tinctoria may be relevant  
to NJ.  I received a plant from a very kind source in spring, and potted it  
up in store brought miracle gro "container mix" plus perlite to improve  
drainage.  The plant grew well during the cooler weather of spring, and  also got 
lopsided, so the end of the main stem tilted and I was able to air  layer it by 
burying part of it in a pot.  I did not injure the stem, but I  did notice 
little bumps on the underside that gave me the idea to try and root  it.  I was 
successful, and now have two plants.  Our summer has  been relatively cool and 
moist, which is what this plant seems to like, but  some of the hard rains we 
have had did damage leaves on the plant, and some  muggy weather caused some 
dieback after I transplanted the bigger one into a  significantly larger pot.  
Right now it is shooting more sprouts from the  base, and hopefully is making 
tubers.  Neither plant has flowered yet, but  I have hopes for September, 
which should bring more of the weather it  likes.  
I got a cutting last summer from another generous person while I  was 
visiting California, and despite my very best efforts (recutting, rooting  powder, 
fungicide, etc) , it melted instead of rooting.  Never had such  trouble trying 
to root an impatiens. 
My plants are in pots on the ground in a semishaded area, where they get  
mainly morning sun, and a bit in the very late afternoon.  It is a  thirsty plant.
Oddly its close cousin I. flanaganii, which I brought back as a  cutting from 
a nursery while in S. Africa years ago, has never given me any  grief as far 
as growing or propagating goes.  It is reluctant to flower  well, though, but 
this year it is doing the best I have ever seen, again  probably because the 
weather is cooler than normal.  I. flanaganii will  grow during our warmer 
summers too, but sulks and aborts flower buds, but still  makes plenty of red 
potato like tubers, which can be left in the pots and kept  in a cool place for 
winter, or taken out, washed, dried, and put in ziplock bags  in the fridge (NOT 
I. tinctoria seems to grow well in England by all accounts, so it may  be a 
challenge in much of the USA.
Good luck,
Ernie DeMarie  z6/7 Tuckahoe NY
_www.geraniosgarden.blogspot.com_ ( 
In a message dated 8/18/2008 4:17:38 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Can  anyone on this list kindly share their experiences with Impatiens 
tinctoria, a  plant that I again will order from Annie's Annuals and try to keep 
alive this  time.

Bonaventure Magrys
New  Jersey
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