"red" Cyrtanthus mackenii in Pacific BX 180

Paul T. ptyerman@ozemail.com.au
Wed, 13 Aug 2008 15:54:23 PDT
> >From Alessandro Marinello:
>5. Cyrtanthus mackenii, red form


Is this Cyrtanthus mackenii a red, or is the he normal orangey 
one?  I have seen the normal orangey one regularly referred to as 
red, which is why I ask.  There are also real red forms, which does 
lead to some confusion when people refer to the orange ones as 
"red".  I thought it was worthwhile asking, just to find out which it 
is, as I have the orange one but would be interested in seed of it if 
it is a red form.  I have one named red form, but have yet to flower 
it, so seed from a red would be most excellent.  Also after pinks in 
the mackenii as well (I already have white, yellow, orange etc), plus 
any other interesting colours.  That's why I am asking.

Thanks in anticipation


Paul T.
Canberra, Australia - USDA Zone Equivalent approx. 8/9

Growing an eclectic collection of plants from all over the world 
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