David Maxwell opbungalow@gmail.com
Fri, 15 Aug 2008 12:49:18 PDT
Hi All,

well, "Naked Lady" season has come again to Sacramento; Amaryllis
belladonnas blooming everywhere like road-side weeds.

My Hippeastrum 'Exotica' just sent up its last scape of the year, so I
thought I would try an intergeneric cross using the 'Exotica' as the
seed-parent and an A.belladonna as a pollen-parent.

The ovaries of the 'Exotica' look like they're starting to swell...so maybe
the cross took.

 Has anyone tried this crossing before?

I read that the name of an intergeneric cross should be a conjunction of the
whole or part of one name combined with the whole or part of the
other...maybe combined with a connecting vowel.

What is the given name of this intergeneric cross..."Hippearyllis"?

 Has anyone grown/seen a "Hippearyllis"?

I'd be curious to know.


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