Tigridia sprouting

Dennis Szeszko dszeszko@gmail.com
Thu, 14 Aug 2008 07:54:11 PDT

I consulted with a Tigridia expert about this purported "Tigridia" species.
He informed me that it was probably not a Tigridia species but another kind
of pleated-leaf Irid called, "Cipura".  Specifically he mentioned Cipura
paludosa as a possible candidate for the identity of this mystery plant and
cited as evidence the flooded, marshy conditions in which I found it.

I'm not sure why the seed isn't germinating.  The only two possibilities
that I can think of are:

1) Seed was not ripe when collected and the seeds are immature.  Collecting
seeds in the field from undehisced pods is a gamble (especially with unknown
or unfamiliar species) because you don't know how far along the seeds are in
their development.
2) Perhaps the seeds need a period of extreme heat and drought before being
watered in order to break dormancy.

Congratulations on the Milla germinating, by the way.  My plants are growing
well this year and I ancticipate copious seed production for the BX


I received Tigridia sp from BX 162:

> 25. Tigridia sp. A short-growing species collected near Bejucos
> in Mexico State. Found growing in the shade of Crescentia alata
> trees in a very hot environment with an extremely pronounced
> dry period. Grows in clay soils that flood during the rainy
> season but bake in the dry season.

I have seen environments like this in Mexico. I planted my seed July 20 in
heavy soil and have watered frequently, so it stays quite wet. Nothing
yet. Any other suggestions? The Milla magnifica I planted at the same time
(in sandy soil) are up. By the way, Uli, if I get flowers on M. m. I
intend to provide seed to the BX.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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