summer water for Brunsvigia josephinae?

Fri, 29 Aug 2008 08:37:32 PDT
Bill, Jim ... Thank you both!
In the future, I may give my bulbs a mid-late summer drink.  As it happens, the weather folks here are predicting a good chance of rain today!   Warm moist air from the Sea of Cortez is pushing its way unusually far to the West and we currently have what look like rain clouds overhead.  This happens sometimes and any rain that does fall, usually does so as virga, teasing us coastal San Diegans mercilessly.  We shall see if any measurable amount actually hits the ground.
My 3 scapes continue to expand ... I expect the first florets to open late today or tomorrow ... unless the rain, if it actually occurs, has an affect on them.  The largest scape, on a bulb which has bloomed in each of the last 3 years, appears it will have 36 flowers.  The other two, blooming for the first time this year, appear to have 22 and 19 flowers, respectively.  I am hopeful the ability to cross pollinate will produce more seed, as I have had very little production from my one bloom the last 3 years.
I have heard that B.josephinae can have as many as 80-100 florets ... is this true in your collective experiences?
San Diego

--- On Thu, 8/28/08, Jim lykos <> wrote:

Bill is correct in pointing to the occasional mid summer heavy rain storm for
bringing B josephinea into leaf during summer ... 

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