Oxalis rubra - white form ?

Chad Schroter Chad.Schroter@sandisk.com
Wed, 06 Aug 2008 08:49:11 PDT
	I was re-reading one of my older ('94) Pacific Horticulture
mags, an article on Oxalis had a picture of both white and pink flowered
O. rubra growing together. I like way the O. rubra behaves in the garden
- the large rhizomes are easy to find and it pretty much stay's put...
So I tried to locate a source for the white form on the web... No luck..
In fact I can't find any reference to rubra white or alba...

	I suppose the white could have been another species - regnellii
comes to mind - anyone have ideas ?

Chad Schroter
Gardening in Los Gatos, California

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