Lycoris report - 2

Kelly Irvin
Fri, 29 Aug 2008 13:02:27 PDT

My L. radiata var. pumila are in full bloom, too, not expecting the var. 
radiata for another week or so. I guess I'm amazed that you are 
successfully growing them without protection. I must admit I've not 
tried to grow them without winter protection, but maybe I could???

Are yours on a south slope or wall?

Mr. Kelly M. Irvin
10850 Hodge Ln
Gravette, AR 72736
USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 6a/b

Steve Marak wrote:
> L. longituba has large seed pods on it, L. squamigera is past but for a 
> few stragglers. My L. radiata, obtained locally years ago, sets lots of 
> seed every year and so I assume it's the diploid form, which may account 
> for the difference in flowering time - it's the only form I've ever grown, 
> so I don't really know. (If anyone wants any, I'll collect and send to 
> Dell this year.)

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