First Hello

David Goulding
Tue, 30 Dec 2008 01:11:59 PST
Hello to everyone. I joined the mailing list several weeks ago but have only
just got around to introducing myself. I live in the UK, in the North West,
county of Cheshire. Winters are very variable, but we rarely get snow.
I have had an off and on interest in gardening and growing plants over the
years. For the last couple of years I have been reinstating my collection of
Fritillairia. Having only around 12 species so far, I have a way to go,
there are many, as you all know!
I would welcome feedback and advice and I will offer my thoughts as and when
needed. Six species of Fritillaria are already sprouting in their pots which
gives me an upbeat feeling for the Spring to come!

Have a good 2009 everyone, and I hope we can all ride the economic roller
coaster and find ourselves remaining positive for what will be, it seems a
difficult year for many.

With my regards,
David Goulding


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