Uli Urban johannes-ulrich-urban@T-Online.de
Tue, 02 Dec 2008 15:33:00 PST
Dear All,

Well.... there seems to be some confusion about what is what in these
interesting plants. I have not heard of Anredera and it looks as if my
guess that Basella is the same plant as Ullucus seems to be wrong. I
have an old book on house plants from the very beginning of the 20th
century written in old gothic German letters and there is Ullucus and
the description of the plant fitted on what is now Boussingaultia, I
thought at least. So I checked on the internet using the names Anredera,
Boussingaultia, Basella and Ullucus and found pictures of plants that
look so similaar that I think it is the same or at least very closely
related. Anredera cordifolia had the best pictures with most detail
shown. Is it possible that this is all the same plant under so many
different names?

bye for today.... Uli

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