Honey and Mountain Laurel

David Ryle dryle@wi-net.com
Fri, 26 Dec 2008 17:12:18 PST
Hello and Merry Christmas to all,
 It is not my intention to be a kill joy, yet I feel a need to comment on a couple of things.
First, I love mountain laurel, and all its cultivars, the debt we owe to Briggs nurseries for their efforts to bring these wonderful plants to a greater availability, the public, nor the industry for that matter, will in all likelihood never fully appreciate(I'm especially fond of Heart's Desire).
 And as for honey, regardless of its useage I'm all for it, whether it bee(pardon the pun!) in my tea or mead or fudge for that matter, I have distant memories of Lindisfarne fudge and mead that can still warm the cockles of this immigrant's heart. 
Regardless, what has any of this to do with bulbs,bulbous species, rhizomatous species, or tuberous species or ANY OTHER PLANT  that can be considered in that great family of plants that allows them for whatever reason, to be rightfully considered a geophyte.
 As far as I'm aware neither Kalmia latifolia or any other members of its genus nor Apis mellifera or any other member of its genus grants them that distinction.
 However and humbly, I am willing to be corrected.Could we all try to stay on trackwith regards to the subject matter discussed in  this group. If my tone offends I apologise, have a happy and safe New Year everyone

David Ryl

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