Tropaeolum pentaphyllum

Leo A. Martin
Sat, 27 Dec 2008 22:06:48 PST
Hello All,

I obtained the above this spring in the BX. (Thanks, Alberto.) I followed
the instructions to plant, refrigerate, pay attention, remove from the
fridge, and wait. Nothing sprouted.

I put the pot in the shade outside and watered it regularly. I forgot
about it but since it was near other things I watered it never dried out.

I was moving things two nights ago in preparation for our first frost of
the winter and noticed a lot of stringy weeds growing in a pot. The leaf
shape looked vaguely familiar... something like the canary creeper. Then I
knew what it had to be. Yes, T. pentaphyllum had sprouted.

So, if you follow directions and nothing happens, try not following
directions. I suspect the seeds were waiting for the proper ambient
temperature rather than looking at the calendar.

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