Off Topic Christmas greeting from Germany

John Grimshaw
Tue, 23 Dec 2008 04:02:16 PST
Uli's red cabbage recipe sounds delicious... I am going to try it with some 
of the fat that poured out of last Sunday's roast goose (which we ate with 
the geophytic combination of roast beetroot and red onions (with herbs, 
cumin and muscovado sugar), and roast potatoes (cooked in the goose fat)).

However, for Anglophonic readers it might be useful to note that where Uli's 
recipe says 'laurel' leaves, the foliage of Laurus nobilis, Bay Tree is 
meant - not one of evergreen Prunus typically called laurel in English 
(Prunus laurocerasus, P. lusitanica).

John Grimshaw

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From: "Uli Urban" <>

> Dear All,
> > (about one or two apples per 500g of cabbage) As spice it needs some,
> not too many, cloves and laurel leaves, some salt and ground black
> pepper 

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