Iris 'Roy Elliott'

Jane McGary
Mon, 29 Dec 2008 11:35:45 PST
I did search for Iris 'Roy Elliott', but found little information. It 
appears on a few lists of species and cultivars without a 
description, although one list (but not the RHS Plantfinder) 
identifies it as a selection of I. versicolor. There is a photo of it 
on the Arrowhead Alpines photo gallery. The plant Terry Laskiewicz 
grew from its seed appears to be a much improved version, at least 
florally, because the cultivar 'Roy Elliott' has narrow standards 
while Terry's flower, similar in color, has broader, spectacularly 
marked and ruffled segments. I've grown I. versicolor, the typical 
plant, but did not consider it worth keeping. Probably the 
free-draining soil here didn't suit it, either.

Jane McGary

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