Ferraria/Spelling rules

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 11 Dec 2008 07:33:58 PST
Thanks for the interesting comments about the naming of plants and thanks 
Dylan for alerting me to the crispa subspecies that I need to change on the 
wiki. The Manning and Goldblatt books rarely include much data about 
subspecies and they don't recognize a lot of them so I was using the 
spelling in the monograph, but will change it. IPNI lists it this way:
Iridaceae Ferraria crispa Burm. subsp. nortieri Vos -- J. S. African 
Bot. 45(3): 343 (1979), as 'nortierii'. (IK)

 From a practical standpoint it would be nice if someone checked the rules 
before accepting the way someone names a plant so it would not have to be 
changed down the road. The question I have is at what point does the plant 
community decide to change all their labels if someone named a plant and 
did not follow the naming rules and countless books have been written in 
the meantime using that spelling and everyone knows it by that spelling. In 
the case of the species in question as I originally wrote, except for the 
Kew checklist, almost all of the other references use the other spelling.

IPNI:  Iridaceae Ferraria densepunctulata Vos -- J. S. African Bot. 
45(3): 346 (1979). (IK)

And Christiaan van Schalkwyk has alerted me to another super reference that 
I'm going to find very helpful, an African plants database, and I found 
this reference there.…

Mary Sue

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