Advice on Mozambique

Tom Mitchell
Tue, 09 Dec 2008 11:08:30 PST
The correspondence over the last couple of days regarding Kniphofia  
reminded me that I have been meaning to ask whether anyone on this  
forum has experience of plant hunting in Mozambique?

I will be there for two weeks in the second half of January, visiting  
a friend. We will be spending a lot of time on the coast north of  
Maputo but there should also be time to spend a few days in the  
highlands in the north west of the country. I imagine that there  
might be interesting species of Kniphofia, Gladiolus, Eucomis,  
Crocosmia, Dierama and others growing there. I'd be hugely grateful  
for any tips on where to go to look for these plants - time will be  
very short.

Falling as it does between the well-studied floras of South Africa  
and tropical east Africa, I'm not sure how much has been written  
about it. Can anyone recommend anything that might serve as any kind  
of field guide? I'm aware of the online flora of mozambique, but this  
is very much a work in progress.

Feel free to respond on this forum or to write to me directly if you  
can help.

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