Hippeastrum (Amaryllid) list

Marie-Paule marie-paule.opdenakker@pandora.be
Mon, 29 Dec 2008 01:50:06 PST
Hello Eugene,
I have also a clidanthus fragrans, but they bloom not for me, I put them in 
my winter shed, dry, but  this is not enough that is not the trigger, I do 
not know what else I can do so that they will bloom, when I bought them 
they get flowers  in April, after that (3 Years later) they don't  anymore.I 
read that they need poor soil, and I give them very poor soil , nada nothing 
,no flowers.  They have a wonderful fragrans

[pbs] Hippeastrum (Amaryllid) list

> Although I don't think it should really be added to the list, I would like
> to see a form of Chlidanthus fragrans that actually blooms on a regular

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