Growing indoors in coir

Sat, 27 Dec 2008 11:51:23 PST

What kind of bulbs are you growing?

I have not had positive experience with coir, but I know a number of
very good growers who love it. The problem for me is that it takes too
long to dry out-- it stays too wet and soggy, even for plants that
like a lot of moisture. I find peat more manageable for anything
acid-loving, even considering its problems of unevenness, short
life-span, rewetting difficulty, etc. Other options are composts or
leaf mould, but these should be of the highest quality; don't use
anything with wood pieces in it.

In any event I use only a small % of organic component in most of my
mixes. The mix is essentially inert: sand and pumice in varying
proportion and totaling 3/4 or more of the mix overall.


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