Jim McKenney
Sun, 21 Dec 2008 18:49:50 PST
David Ehrlich wrote: "in Italian cavolo riscaldato is a standard expression
of disapprobation."  

What wonderful names: occhi di lupo (wolf's eyes, right?).

About thirty-five years ago I worked briefly in Manhattan and lived in
nearby Brooklyn, NY. What a wonderful experience that was. I spent my
weekends visiting the markets in the various neighborhoods, especially
Chinese and Italian. 

I'll never forget the day I pointed to some vaguely collard-like greens in a
market and asked the matronly shop keeper what they were. "Calvoli" she
replied, giving the initial C a slight coup de la glotte. But the printed
word will never convey the beauty of the sounds she produced as she said it.
"Encore!" I begged, and she said it again as I stood there seriously
studying her face and trying hard to hear every delicious bit of sound, she
all the while smiling at the effect her performance was having on me. 

Such beautiful sounds in the service of such mundane activity: what a

Jim McKenney

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