Pacific BX 193 - SIGNA

Linda Foulis
Fri, 05 Dec 2008 18:38:33 PST
Dave said, " as I haven't had as great a success as desired,  especially  with the  bearded  Iris."

Dave check out the link below and scroll down to reply #23 by Rafa.

I tried this method with some iris seed that had been sitting in a pot for 2 years and had great success.  It's a bit tricky and you
should try it on some extra seeds first till you get the hang of it, (I had a lot of tb iris seeds to practice on), but it works
like a charm.  I've had much better success using this method than waiting and waiting and waiting for some of these iris seeds to
Good luck.

Okotoks, AB

Zone 3     It's winter!   Brrrrr!

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