David Ehrlich
Sun, 21 Dec 2008 13:47:07 PST
  The blue is astonishing, but not unappetizing.  I remember the first time I made pizzoccheri, for the verdura I had some red cabbage, which in this preparation is cooked at the same time in the same water as the pasta.  When I uncovered the pot, I found the blue astonishing.  However, it was a most delicious preparation.  And, there was someting exciting about eating a food so patetly blue.  Had I had a Blue Nun Riesling at the time, it would definitely have been the wine to serve with it.
  Did you know that in the German speaking world, in the part where cabbage is called Kohl, red cabbage is called Rotkohl, but in the part where cabbage is called Kraut( e.g., Tyrol and Alt’ Adige), red cabbage is called Blaukraut?
  And that is not the only appealing blue food; consider blueberries, blue potatoes, and even blue cheese.
David Ehrlich

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