Kniphofia in South Africa

M Ashley-Cooper
Mon, 15 Dec 2008 22:49:20 PST
As someone used to also speaking some Afrikaans which has a Dutch/Germanic 
type of ancestry, I suspect that the pronunciation of fuchsia would more 
likely be "Fooghsia" with the "gh" pronounced the same way as the "ch" in 
the Scottish loch (a sound as in clearing ones throat)!
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  Max --
  I think your problem is with spelling. If you spell it correctly, you will 
pronounce it correctly. But if you think it is a color rather than a genus, 
you will spell it as well as pronounce it incorrectly. Unless you are a 
biologist: then you will pronounce it fyooksia, being used to that 
pronunciation for the stain fuchsin.

  From: Max Withers
  I cannot resist adding, pace everyone's spam filters, that a Fuschia
  truly memorial of Leonhard Fuchs would have to be pronounced FUCK-sia.

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