Cryptostephanus Q?

James Waddick
Thu, 04 Dec 2008 13:04:40 PST
Dear Friends,
	I had a question from a person in Germany who responded to 
comments on this web site. I suggested he join the group, but is 
thinking about it.

	He asks	" Is Cryptostephanus densiflorus in cultivation?".

	As you surely know there are three species in this genus. The 
commonest is Cryptostephanus vansonii and it looks like a miniature 
Clivia miniata with white (or pink) flowers.

	Far less common is Cryptostephanus haemanthoides, a very 
different looking bulbous plants of semi-desert locations.  A very 
few nurseries offer bulbs.

	The third and rarest species is Cryptostephanus densiflorus 
endemic to a small area of Angola. Harold Koopowitz in his book on 
Clivia suggests it is not in cultivation. Angola has enough social 
turmoil that it is not open to much botanizing.

	Can anyone provide an update on this species?		Thanks	Jim W.

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