Nerine Hybrids

Lauw de Jager
Mon, 01 Dec 2008 11:24:49 PST
Dear all,
  We just had a light frost here (-2-3°C), which was a good test of the
frost hardyness of the flowers. All are planted in the open ground:
Afterglow (Exbury hybrid): flowers gone, Manselli hybrid (cross N.flexuosa
with N sarniense) flowers intact, N bowdenii 'Pink Triumf' flowers intact.
The flowerbuds and flowers of N undulata  are untouched. No leafdamage at
all. (Just to compare the  intesity of the frost: The Dahlia imperialis:
flowes and leaves are touched but not scorched)
I specially recommend the Nerine manseilli hybrid as a garden plant.

Kind greetings

-- Lauw de Jager
South of France (zone 9 (olive trees)

Le 1/12/08 19:21, « John Grimshaw » <> a écrit :
> 'Afterglow' is a commercially available hybrid, I forgot from which breeder,
> with quite good red flowers, but it is strongly winter growing. Many of the
> Zeal hybrids are fully hardy in southern England, but just not freely enough
> available to try widely, yet.

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