Lily Beetle - Change of topic

Max Withers
Sun, 14 Dec 2008 20:26:46 PST
I know that my mother has them every year in coastal Massachusetts. I
haven't seen them in California, but I don't grow many lilies.

Max Withers
Oakland CA

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Ref: Lily Beetle --- Lilioceris lilii  [Scopoli]  syn. Crioceris lilii

Those visitors to and members of this forum might be interested to read
recent information accessible on the following site following a PhD project
by an Entomologist Andrew Salisbury working at RHS Garden Wisley in England.
The distribution map lacks much in the way of accuracy however there is some
very interesting information for those in North America already afflicted by
Lily Beetle on either or both Lilium and Fritillaria, or those who might
become if gardeners fail to take care during exchanges of plant material or
taking infected material to shows for transfer there. The URL which seems to
be case sensitive when I accessed it, this is :…

I would be very grateful and appreciative for information from anyone with
knowledge on the distribution of Lily Beetle in North America. It seems
extant records show occurrences along the Maritime seaboard of Canada and
the USA south as far as the northern edge of the Carolinas but seemingly not
in either state?; as well as some of those areas in both countries bordering
the Great Lakes. The scale of the map published in Plantsman December 2008
makes accuracy difficult and I can't work out therefore from it whether this
serious pest occurs along the Pacific Seaboard yet but I am confident
distribution does NOT include the Sea of Okhotsk between Russia Ussuri and
Russia Sakhalin!!!!!. Anyone contributing information will be appropriately
gratefully acknowledged for their effort in the new book, Lilies & Their

A brief summary of pertinent aspects of the work by Salisbury as well as
others makes it clear that although Lily beetle has been reported on 23
plant genera, recent research indicates that it can only develop on
Cardiocrinum, Fritillaria and Lilium.

Incidentally this volume of Plantsman has an interesting article on Crinum
in cultivation by Alberto Grossi, p.222-229

I hope the above is of interest and also hope to learn what is known, if
anything, about occurrence along the Pacific coastal Provinces and States.


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