Holiday Treasures

J.E. Shields
Thu, 25 Dec 2008 06:33:21 PST
I have to echo Jim Waddick's comments most enthusiastically.  PBS is a 
treasure chest; and the treasure it contains are the many knowledgeable and 
enthusiastic plantspeople (i.e., plantsmen and plantswomen) who are its 
members.  We owe a great deal to the guardians of this treasure as well -- 
our thanks to Mary Sue, to Dell, to Arnold, and to the others past and 
present who have made PBS work!

To all the members of the pbs list, I wish you good health, good luck, and 
good cheer for the holidays and for the coming year!  May your plants grow, 
your bulbs flower, and your seeds germinate!

Best wishes,
Jim Shields

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