Ornithogalum split again

christopherwhitehouse@rhs.org.uk christopherwhitehouse@rhs.org.uk
Mon, 01 Dec 2008 00:44:51 PST
This small news item was drawn to our attention at the latest meeting of our nomenclatural advisory committee.  For those who like to adopt the latest taxonomic treatment just because it is the newest, there is a salutary warning in the latest Kew Scientist (http://www.kew.org/kewscientist/ks_34.pdf): the previous lumping of Albuca, Dipcadi and Pseudogaltonia into Ornithogalum looks like it will be reversed.  Fortunately, the PBS wiki did not jump the gun on this one, however, there is still no mention of Galtonia, so presumably it is not going to be reinstated - I wonder where it will end up?


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