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Mon, 11 Feb 2008 12:43:36 PST
Hallo Jim, 

I grow about 30 different species and cultivars of Rhodhopypoxis and
xRhodoxis. They are really easy growing plants.
The substrate should be acid, nutrient and well drained. Keep the substrate
dry during winter and use rather big pots - those will not dry out
completely, the bulbs could be damaged otherwise.
Temperature is not as important during winter, but it should be cool (or
even cold). Just one specie (R. milloides) tolerates temperatures lower than
0┬░C for a longer period of time and can solve a bit more wetness than the
other species. 
During summer Rhodohypoxis and its hybrids want to stand sunny and warm.
Then they need much water and food.

The only specie I have been trying outside without any problems is R.
milloides. It stands even without protection against wetness during winter
in bad drained substrate for now 5 years.
All others had just been staying for maximum 2 years.

Could you please tell me privately the address of this Dutch export catalog?

Kind regards from Germany
Markus Breier

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Dear Friends,
	I notice that the a Dutch export catalog lists 28 or so 
different spec., ssp and named cvs of the genus, Rhodohypoxis.

	I have tried a few outdoors in a protected spot and had 
plants last a year or two, but found it more difficult to keep in 
pots in a cool greenhouse where it should be much happier.

	I'd love to try these again , but am soliciting help from 
pros who have grown them in similar conditions:  protected - even 
slightly from my cold climate. Is there some secret to potting mix, 
water cycles, exposure, heat tolerance or voodoo. ?

	There's been little discussion of this genus here (I think) 
so appreciate even some basic info on best cultivation and care.

	And can someone recommend a source here in the US.?

	Thanks		Jim W.
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